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Mount Athos
Mount Athos
The monastic state occupies the entire third, eastern and most beautiful peninsula of Halkidiki, the peninsula of Mount Athos. It is the only place in Greece that is completely dedicated to prayer and worship of God. So this is called the Holy Mountain.
The Holy Mount is approximately 50 km, a width of 8 to 12 km and covers an area of ​​approximately 350 square kilometers.
The borders of the monastic state defined in the ground by an imaginary line running from the western coast of the location Fragokastro and reaches the cape nigger, on the opposite edge.
The natural beauty of the peninsula is extraordinary. The Mount Athos that dominates in this is a huge cone with a height of 2,033 meters. The bare top of all piercing the sky and its slopes are covered with old trees, create an unparalleled aesthetic beauty throughout this magnificent region.